Piroshki vs. Pierogi

Earlier I wrote a great recipe on making sweet filled piroshki. The recipe I’ve posted is the way that my mom always made them. We never had them filled with something savory and we never had them fried. I hope to fill piroshki with something savory one day and I hope to make the ones that are fried, but it’s just wasn’t common in my mom’s household. Living and baking here in America I learned of pierogi. I always thought they were the same thing piroshki and pierogi but learned the pierogi are what my family call vareniki. They are these little duplings that are filled with a veriety of different things including sweet and salty and boiled untill done. Then they are topped and served with other dishes. I hope to make them and post the recipe here soon. Wikipedia describes piroshki and pierogies pretty well I thought.


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