Beware of peppers!

I love to try out new recipes all the time. Especially something simple but delicious. Yesterday night I decided to try out Chorizo Black Bean Soup. It is so delicious and super easy to make. It requires to seed and chop two serrano peppers. I have never before cooked with serrano peppers and didn’t even know how spicy they were. And with the hurry to get dinner ready and my little one at my feet I confess I didn’t properly wash my hands. Big mistake! At some point after I made the soup I must have scratched my nose because I felt a horrible pain and it felt like my nose was on fire. I couldn’t figure it out. After about 5 minutes I made the connection to the peppers. How does one get rid of this horrible fiery pain? It now spread in and around my nose. It was on fire! I ran to the sink, washed my hands with soap and water, rinsing my nose and it only gets worse! No, really how does one go about getting rid of this pain? With my son crying at my feet, I  know I need to feed him dinner. I end up just icing my nose, and it worked. So I forgot about it. I thought everything was fine since I washed my hands like a hundred times by now. Well this morning when I woke up, washed my face and was putting my contacts in I realized the pepper oils were still on my fingers and now on my contacts! I warn you. Beware of serrano peppers! Delicious but spicy soup!

I’m fine now.


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  1. Jen Carlson
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 15:48:32

    a similar thing happened to Brian when he tried to make salsa – he rubbed his eyes accidentally and was miserable for days! Now we try to have gloves or ziplock bags over our hands when making salsa – not too convenient, but you can’t be too careful!


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