So yesterday was labor day and for most people it was a day off from school or work or both. And it was the last day for summer BBQ! Russians (and Ukrainians) love their barbecue, their shishliki. Shishliki are pork, beef or chicken kabob and I have an easy way to prepare them. Maybe you can make them for your beginning of fall barbecue.

There are 5 ingredients. You can make as much or as little as you want.

You will need pork or beef cut into small 2 in x 2 in pieces or larger if you prefer.

White or yellow onion cut into onion rings

salt and pepper to taste and

white vinegar

That’s it! Depending on how much meat you are preparing, once the meat is cut into pieces place in a bowl and incorporate the onions into the meat, salt and pepper to taste (don’t taste the raw meat just sprinkle untill you think it’s enough), and cover the meat in vinegar. Let the meat sit in the refrigerator covered 24 to 48 hours. When time is up the meat is ready to be placed on skewer sticks and you can barbecue away.

It is super easy and super delicious. The smell of the meat and the slight bite of the vinegar on my tongue always reminds me of the barbecues we use to have with my family and relatives when I was little. My birthday is in August and every year my family and all my aunts uncles and cousins (about 30 or more of us)  would go to the lake, river or park and make some shishliki and enjoy the sunshine. Oh the memories…


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