Olivye is a very popular Russian salad that is most commonly served for large gatherings such as birthday parties or weddings. It takes quite a while to prepare this salad and you can never make just a small amount. Somehow you will always end up with more salad than you thought. But that’s ok. It’s a great salad to save in your fridge and eat the next day. I love Olivye, it’s my favorite Russian salad ever! Like many other Russian/ Ukrainian recipes there are many variations to this salad. My recipe is one that my mom has passed on to me. I think it’s delicious!

2 Small Potatoes
2 Medium Carrots
2 Eggs
1lb  Ham, bologna or Russian bologna (ex. Alex Meat), I used Turkey Ham.
6 Small dill pickles
1 Medium cucumber
1/2 of 15 oz canned  peas, or 3/4 cup frozen peas that have been defrosted
1/2 cup mayonnaise

Cook potatoes, carrots and eggs in boiling water until vegetables are completely cooked. They will feel soft when you touch them with a spoon and the skin of the potatoes will start peeling off.

Cool the vegetables and eggs to room temperature, and peel the skin off. Clean the shell off the eggs. Set aside.

Chop the pickles, cucumbers and ham into small squares. Once the vegetables and eggs have cooled, chop them up as well. You can do this by hand like I did. Try to keep the pieces the same size.

Place everything into a large bowl. Add the peas.

Add the mayonnaise and gently fold into the salad. Don’t press into the bowl or swirl your mixing spoon around or it will mush everything together and it won’t be so great.

It’s great all by itself with a couple of pieces of homemade bread (woohoo for breadmaker). Or as a side to mashed potatoes or plov (coming soon).

Sooo good! Enjoy!



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