Mother’s Day!

Sunday was Mother’s Day so Happy Late Mother’s Day! But isn’t it mother’s day everyday for all mothers out there? At least once a year there’s a day dedicated for it. Unfortunately I had to work on mothers day but fortunately I had my mom and sisters over for tea and cake in the late evening. It was so nice to have them over and have a little girl talk. And thanks Andrey (my husband) that hung in there to enjoy the tea and cake with us. I thought about using little dainty tea cups and saucers but with the amount of tea my family drinks I opted for large coffee mugs. I think my sister refilled hers 3 times throughout the evening!

 For my tea party I took inspiration for the recipes from Natasha’s Kitchen food blog. She is amazing and so are her recipes!

The mini tea sandwiches were Aunt Anna’s Canapes

And the cake was a combination of THREE different cakes. Yes it was a little crazy and a little daring. Plus I have never made anything like it before. I used my mother in laws recipe and directions for Russian biskvit cake. From Natasha’s kitchen I used the whipped cream cheese frosting and the syrup. I got the idea for cherries from another one of her cakes. My cake turned out delicious!

My sisters made

The cupcake were so yummy and buttery. What a great recipe. I have to incorporate this into a cake. Any ideas?

Here is the recipe for my mother-in-laws biskvit cake mix:

6 Eggs

1 Cup sugar

1 Cup all purpose flour

1 Tsp vanilla extract

Frozen black cherries, defrosted

In a large bowl mix together the eggs and one cup sugar. Use a hand mixer or stand alone (probably easier) to beat the eggs and sugar untill light and fluffy. Add vanilla and flour. Slowly incorporate into the eggs and sugar. This was the first time I had even made the cake and I just could not get the fluffiness I needed for the eggs. My mother in law said (over the phone) I should add a little more sugar untill it starts working. I ended up adding additional 3/4 cup sugar! My mixture almost tripled in size and I stopped. It still turned out great and very delicious anyway.

 I used two buttered 9inch spring form cake pans to bake the cakes at 350*. You can follow Natasha’s Kitchen directions if it works better for you.

Let the cakes cool completely.

Lay the first layer down on the serving tray. Using a tablespoon, slowly poor half the syrup on the cake. Layer with the cream cheese frosting. Place the defrosted cherries in a layer on top of the frosting. Frost over the cherries. It’s a good idea to make the frosting layers thin so that you’re not getting a huge bite of frosting when eating the cake, unless that’s what you want! Place the second cake layer and repeat with the syrup and frosting. Cover the sides of the cake with frosting. You have cake!


My mom brought me these beautiful roses from her front yard. She has a great recipe for rose petal preserves. Come back soon and see the recipe!

Sooo goood!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

    May 10, 2011 @ 23:19:17

    We serve tea in giant mugs too!


    • Kristina
      May 11, 2011 @ 15:48:11

      To be honest those were the “small” mugs. I usually drink tea from a soup cup! lol. I’m glad we’re not the only ones out there 🙂


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